Translation Community

Join our 2,000+ volunteer community and help inspire audiences around the world.

Art21 brings together a community of volunteer translators through Amara—a community platform with an award-winning subtitle editor that strives to make videos globally accessible to everyone. Together, we can expand our reach and keep working towards our mission: inspiring a more creative world.

The subtitling process is easy:

  • Translate subtitles into your chosen language.
  • Start, stop, and pick up from where you or anybody else left off.
  • Once the subtitles are complete, they will be sent to Art21’s YouTube channel (and, in turn, to the videos featured throughout
  • You can edit and update the subtitles at any time!

Join our translation team at Amara to begin translating. Questions about the translation process? See the FAQs.

Thank you—your contribution makes a huge difference, ensuring Art21’s films are accessible to everyone, regardless of which language they speak!