Art21 also presents a wide range of writing on contemporary art. Drawing connections between Art21-featured artists and the larger context in which they thrive, Art21’s digital editorial space chronicles this landscape, post-by-post—posing broader, meditative questions about the place of art in our world.

Through 2012, Art21 published companion books for each season of the flagship Art in the Twenty-First Century series. The books presented the featured artists through excerpts of interviews juxtaposed with rich, full-color illustrations of their work. The books also included introductory essays by Art21 founder and former Executive Director, Susan Sollins, as well as artist biographies and production stills from the series.

Published in 2018 on the occasion of Art21’s 21st anniversary, a new compendium of artist interviews, Being An Artist, captures the engaging and seminal conversations that have taken place over the organization’s history, serving as an essential primer on a generation of contemporary artists for those interested in the artistic process as a tool for curriculum building.