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Press Releases

Rose B. Simpson hands clasped sitting in front of the wooden walls of her installation, "Dream House."
Aliza Nisenbaum holding up a paintbrush to a colorful canvas.
Sarah Sze reaching down for a green ladder in front of an installation in her exhibition "Timelapse."
Joiri Minaya wearing a black and blue patterned fabric over their body, laying down in tall grass.
Profile view of Shahzia Sikander looking out to the right with her hand raised, in the background is the gold head of her sculpture, "Witness."
Daniel Lind-Ramos with arms raised and hammer in hand, assembling a sculpture on the wall of his studio.
Amy Sherald holding up a paintbrush to a large-scale painting with a blue background, the title "Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 11" is laid overtop.
Tau Lewis using a brush to polish one of over large sculptures.
Charles Gaines standing inside his sculpture "Moving Chains." He places his hand on the wall next to him, and his looking up at the oversized chains above.
Trevor Tweeton standing on a tree stump holding a camera on a tripod. The landscape surrounding him is full of tree stumps or thin dead trees standing tall.
Diane Severin Nguyen sitting in a dark room looking down with videos projecting over her face.