Screening Society

Art21’s Screening Society is a free global screening program, in support the award winning television series, Art in the Twenty-First Century.

With each season of Art in the Twenty First Century, Art21 invites a wide variety of partners—schools, universities, libraries, museums, nonprofit organizations, galleries, arts and cultural spaces, community centers, and more—to screen one of the new episodes. Art21 provides all the resources needed to host a public screening (digital HD downloads of the film, an education guide, a screening guide, and more) during the months following the broadcast premiere of the new season on PBS.

Registration is now closed. Screening Society will resume with the premiere of the tenth season of Art in the Twenty First Century in 2020. 

Please sign up for the Art21 Newsletter, and select the Art21 Screening Society List, to receive updates on Screening Society for Season 10 of Art in the Twenty First Century.

Still interested in screening an Art21 film? Please submit a Licensing and Reproduction form, and someone from Art21 will contact you.

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