Our Supporters

Major support for Art21 is generously provided by:

$100,000 and up
Andreas Foundation
The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation
The David S. Howe Foundation
Dawn and Chris Fleischner
Lambent Foundation Fund of the Tides Foundation
Teiger Foundation
Migs and Bing Wright

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Jessica and Natan Bibliowicz
Chao Foundation
Agnes Gund
National Endowment for the Arts
Brenda Potter

Bloomberg Philanthropies
Jane and James Cohan
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Ryan Rockefeller and Julia Jansch
The LeRoy Neiman and Janet Byrne Neiman Foundation
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
New York State Council on the Arts
Erica and Joseph Samuels
Hedy Fischer and Randy Shull
Louise Eliasof and James Sollins

$15,000 – 24,999
Jess and Marcia Fardella
Bill and Christy Gautreaux
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
Will Palley
Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation

$10,000 – $14,999
Cornelia T. Bailey Charitable Trust
Henry Nias Foundation
Stephanie and Tim Ingrassia
Tim and Lauren Schrager
Wolf Kahn Foundation

Anonymous Donor
Karyn Bendit
Nion McEvoy and Leslie Berriman
Cowles Charitable Trust
Mark Dorfman
Garth Greenan Gallery
Stuart and Lisa Ginsberg
Andrea Glimcher
Susan Harris
The H. W. Wilson Foundation
Jack Shainman Gallery
George and Lizbeth Krupp
Paula Cooper Gallery
Lori Perlow
Sara and John Shlesinger
van Beuren Charitable Foundation

Victoria Anstead
Blue Rider Group
Kerry James Marshall and Cheryl Lynn Bruce
Eric Ball and Seth Dager
Anne Delaney
Karen Falk
The Fine and Greenwald Foundation
The Foundation, To-Life, Inc.
Hugh Freund
Ryan and Tucker Gates
Annie E. Harleman
Hauser & Wirth
Ellen and Jack Kessler
Alex Lakatos
Dorothy Lichtenstein
Leslie Cecil and Creighton Michael
Maartje Oldenburg
Kathleen and Jim Patrinos
Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler
Risk Strategies
Timothy Robbins
Ann and Richard Sarnoff
Jessica Silverman
Juliet Lea Hillman Simonds
Miyoung Lee and Neil Simpkins
Patricia Specter
Strypemonde Foundation
John F. Wieland, Jr.

Ivy Arce
Suzanne Bucher
Catalina Casas
Liz Christensen
Fred and Laura Clarke
Suzanne Delehanty
Dennis Deloria
Elizabeth Dwyer
Kathleen Engman
Anna C. Furney
Jimmie and Scott Hudson
Molaundo Jones
Jamie Kay
Jeffrey Lee
Cecil McDonald, Jr.
George and Joyce Moss
Marquita Pool-Eckert
Mary Quinton-Barry
Jane L. Richards
Jasmin Tsou
Christine Turner
Carrie Mae Weems
Terry Zucker

Elaine Abbe
Mary E. Agramonte
Mollie Allen
Amazon Smile Foundation
Ingrid Amols
Carolin Angele
Christopher Archer
Amy Armstrong
Tamar Bar-Noy
Therese Bauer
Marcie Begleiter
Carla M. Benjamin
Joan Blair
Gil Blank
Jennifer Brickey
Wendy Brown
Elizabeth Burkhauser
Sarah Carnes
John Carson
Lynne R. Cashman
Jereann Chaney
Lisa Collins
Nancy W. Cook
Matt Cooper
George Corugedo
Joan Cox
Lorrie Daugherty
Adrienne Day
Catherine Day
Licet Diaz
Judith Dolan
Ron Duplack
Barbara Dye
Jayne Eacker
Pamela Fabry
Isabel Forbes
David Forster
Maria Galceran
Angelique Georges
Matt Glaser
Andrew Gordon
David Gorsline
Mark Graham
Gwen Gunter
Susan Haas
Wendy Hacker
Donna Harkavy
Nancy Heaton
Robert Hermann
Oliver Herring
Patterson Sims and Katy Homans
Loretta Howard
Sally Howell
Katherine Hurxthal
Anita Isen
Elisabeth Johnson
Adrian Jones
Cathy Karp
LaVon Kellner
Shannon Kerrigan
Daisy Konowal
Julia Kopp
Alice Lainer
Emma Lanctot
Heidi Lange
Houda Lazrak
Spencer Leigh
A. Moire Lendering
Marjorie Levy
Jennifer Lind
June Linowitz
David Little
Amy Luck
Faramarz Maghsoodlou
Matthew Marks
Doris Martin
Elizabeth McMahon
Hunter Michael
Evan Mirapaul and Sybil Streeter
Sylvia Montesinos
Edie Nadelhaft
Daria Nazarova
Georgette Nicolaides
Elaine O’Brien
Robin W. Owen
Geoffrey Pan
Francesca Pera
Angel Perez
Laura Perricone
Elizabeth Porfido
Emily Porter
Nancy Portnoy
Terry Rathje
Patricia Rees
Janet Renner
Ann Ribstein
John Rim
Nell Rios
Craig Roland
Meg Van Rosendaal
Jessica Russell
Ann and Mel Schaffer
Marcie Schembre
Barbara Karp Shuster
Niru Sibal
Tanya Simmons
Margaret Sjogren
David Slader
Sharon and Howard Socol
Ana Sokoloff
John Sørensen
Jimmy Sweatt
Natasha Sweeten
Claire Swope
Gerald Taylor
Nancy Taylor
Margherita and Clifford Trahan
Gerardo A. Vega
Rosa Vera
William Vizcarra
Bob Weiss
Penelope Weiss
Mary Wendt
Pamela Whitehead
Julie Wolfe
William Wolfslau
Dianna Woolley
Christina Young
Malika Zouhali-Worrall

We have made every effort to accurately list the donations made in FY2023 (October 1, 2022–September 30, 2023). If you believe that your name has been mistakenly left off this list, please contact us.