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Host a Screening

Art21 encourages a wide variety of partners to host screenings, including schools (K–12 and universities); libraries; museums; nonprofit organizations; galleries; alternative art/cultural spaces; community centers; and more.

Visit the Screening Society FAQs for more about hosting a screening.


  • Screening events must be free to attend; have the intention to gather more than 10 people to view a film; be universally accessible; and be advertised and open to the general public.
  • Hosts must submit a post-event summary—including photos, attendance numbers, and guest registration sheets—to Art21 following their event.

Follow these four easy steps to become a Screening Society host:

“Everyday Icons,” features Alex Da Corte, Daniel Lind Ramos, Amy Sherald, Rose B. Simpson.

“Bodies of Knowledge” features Tauba AuerbachGuerrilla Girls, Hank Willis Thomas, and Anicka Yi,

  • Step 1: Set a date and location for your event
    • Screenings of “Everyday Icons” must take place between April 8 and July 31, 2023.
    • Screenings of “Bodies of Knowledge” must take place between June 24 and October 31, 2023.
    • Choose a screening location with sufficient seating and power outlets for your projector, screen, and sound system.
  • Step 2: Register your screening with Art21
    • You must submit the date and location of your screening at the time of registration.
    • Register by May 25 for June screenings.
    • Register by June 25 for July screenings.
    • Register by July 25 for August screenings.
    • Register by August 25 for September screenings.
    • Register by September 25 for October screenings.
  • Step 3: Prepare for your Screening
    • Engage your audience! Use our Educators’ Guide, and Episode Teaser to plan a post-screening discussion or invite local artists to speak and answer questions.
    • Use our Press Images and Logos to promote your event to your community; make a Facebook event, submit your event to local newspapers, radio stations, and blogs.
    • Share news, photos, videos, and audience feedback on social media:
      • On Instagram: Use #Art21Season11 and tag @art21.
      • On Facebook: If you are creating a Facebook event or posting about your event, please tag the Art21 Facebook page.
      • On Twitter: Use the hashtag #Art21Season11 and include a mention to @art21.
    • The name of your venue, location, and the date and time of your screening will be included on our Attend a Screening page.
    • Print our guest registration sheet to set out at the entrance to your event.
    • At least two weeks prior to your screening, you will receive an email with a link and password to download the Season 11 episode you selected. Preview the footage and test it on your projector and sound equipment.
  • After Your Screening
    • Submit your photos, total number of attendees, guest registration sheet, and feedback or reviews to Art21 and we’ll share them with our online community.
    • Use our follow-up email template to send a thank you to your attendees.