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Frequently asked questions:

Who can host a screening?

Art21 encourages a wide variety of partners to host screenings, including: schools (K–12 and universities); libraries; museums; nonprofit organizations; galleries; alternative cultural spaces; community centers; and more.

Can individuals host a screening?

Yes, individuals can host a screening as long as they make the event free and open to the public.

What does it cost to host a screening?

There is no cost associated with being an Art21 Screening Society host.

All hosts will receive a free Art21 screening toolkit: private link to the film, Educators’ Guide, Screening Guide, and press images and logos.

As a host, you agree to cover any costs related to hosting an event at your venue. You also agree to submit photos, attendance numbers, and a guest registration information to Art21 following your event.

What constitutes a public screening event?

All Art21 Screening Society events must:

  • Be free of cost to attend
  • Have the intention to gather more than 10 people to view a film
  • Be universally accessible—meaning that venues are equipped for those with disabilities
  • Be advertised and open to the general public

What kind of events and screenings cannot be part of Art21’s Screening Society?

Event types that do not qualify for the Art21 Screening Society include:

  • A screening which charges a fee for participants to attend
  • A single loop of an Art21 film in a museum setting or on a website (materials must be licensed when used for this purpose)

What are examples of successful pre- and post- screening activities?

Museums and cultural institutions often report success with screening an Art21 film as a public event scheduled as part of related programming for an ongoing exhibition. Successful pairings of Art21 films and exhibitions have included: screening a film that features an artist whose work is in the exhibition; or screening a film whose ideas relate to an exhibition’s theme.

Community centers often invite a guest speaker (e.g. a local artist, curator, art historian, educator, etc.) to lead a pre- or post-screening discussion. Successful discussion topics have included: artistic processes; artists and their involvement in arts education; and the role of the artist in contemporary society.

Educational entities use Art21 films to introduce contemporary art in a variety of classroom and community settings. Art21 films present artists as role models for creative thinking and can be used across disciplines. Educators have developed lesson plans in science, language arts, history, and literature, among other subject areas, using Art21’s episodes as a broad foundation.

Individuals often host screening events in partnership with a local coffee shop, restaurant, art center, or gallery. Successful events have included informal book-club style discussions and tie-ins with local or regional activities such as gallery crawls, art classes, and cultural festivals.

As a Screening Society host, can I screen any Art21 film?

Screening Society allows hosts free access to screen one episode from the newest season of Art in the Twenty-First Century. The eligibility dates for Season 10 concluded in January 2021.

Screenings of films from Art in the Twenty-First Century Seasons 1–10, New York Close Up, Extended Play, and other Art21 series would require a licensing fee. To screen materials other than the newest season of Art in the Twenty-First Century, please see Licensing and Reproduction.

How many episodes can I screen?

Through Screening Society you can screen one episode from the newest season of Art in the Twenty-First Century.

If you wish to screen more episodes or a past season, please see Licensing and Reproduction.

Can you explain the episode structure?

For example, Season 10 of Art in the Twenty-First Century is comprised of three one-hour long episodes, which aired on September 18, 25 and October 2, 2020 on PBS.

Investigating the theme of place, each episode features innovative artists who live and work in Beijing, London, and the regions along the United States-Mexico border.

The “Beijing” episode features Guan Xiao, Liu Xiaodong, Song Dong & Yin Xiuzhen, and Xu Bing.

The “London” episode features John Akomfrah, Phyllida Barlow, Anish Kapoor, and Christian Marclay.

The “Borderlands” episode features Tanya Aguiñiga, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Postcommodity, and Richard Misrach.

How do I sign up to host a screening?

Screening Society for Season 10 is now closed.

When is the registration cut-off date?

Registration for Season 10 closed in January 2021.

When is the timeframe that screenings can take place?

October 3, 2020 through January 31, 2021.

When I register, do I have to know the exact date for my screening?

Yes, you will need to have a date set when you register. If this date changes, we ask that you please contact screeningsociety [AT] art21.org.

When/how can I expect to receive access to the film?

We will email you a link and password prior to your screening.

When/how will I receive the Screening Guide and Educator Guide?

Both guides for Season 10 are available to download now.

After I’ve registered, how do I plan my event?

Step 1: Plan your Screening

  • Preview the footage you plan to show. We will email you a link and password to a private website two weeks prior to your screening.
  • Engage your audience; plan a post-screening discussion, or invite local artists to speak and answer questions.
  • Use Art21’s Educators’ Guide and Screening Guide to get inspired!

Step 2: Host your Screening

  • Prepare and plan ahead. Run a dress rehearsal with any guests or speakers on you preferred platform before your event. Ensure all presenters are comfortable with the technology.
  • Take photos or screenshots to document the event.
  • Keep record of guest registration (name, email, etc).

Step 3: After your screening

  • Submit your photos, total number of attendees, guest registration information, and feedback or reviews to Art21 and we’ll share them with our online community.
  • Thank your attendees for joining. Use the Follow Up Email Template for guidance.

How do I promote my event?

Use our Press Images and Logos (available on our Resources page) to promote your event in your community.

Submit information about your event to local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, e-newsletters, blogs, and podcasts.

Post updates to your organization’s/institution’s website and social media pages.

Will my venue be listed in the ‘Find a Screening’ listings?

Yes. We will need the name of your venue, location, and the date and time of your screening. This information must be included in your online registration.