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Weekly Watchlist: The Idea of Home

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s repetitive and relentless motion

Wearing a costume of ordinary Levi’s clothes, LaToya Ruby Frazier’s repetitive and relentless motion ultimately destroys the jeans she’s wearing. 

The performance critiques the brand’s ad campaign fetishizing post-industrial life in Frazier’s hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania.

“What I feel an urgency to do at this moment is to really return back home and to really do something— not as the artist, LaToya Ruby Frazier, but as the citizen of Braddock, Pennsylvania, LaToya Ruby Frazier.”

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Lynda Benglis at the family home of Anand Sarabhai in Ahmedabad, India, 2012. Production still from the Extended Play film, “India.” © Art21, Inc. 2021.

Playlist: Going Home

The idea of “home” can be translated in a variety of ways: from a literal representation found in built structures and hometowns, to the feeling of acceptance discovered by a new place and community.

A homecoming provides an opportunity for self-reflection and an undeniable source of personal and creative discovery.

The artists in this playlist address the concept of home through themes of contradiction, coming-of-age, blight, and immigration.

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