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Tools of the Trade

by Art21March 14, 2019 1:32:40 total runtime

From blow torches to tattoo guns and video cameras to digital renderings, artists employ a variety of power tools to bring their creative visions to life. Cao Fei developed her urban utopia, RMB City, within the vast virtual world of “Second Life”—creating a space to be shaped and governed by the avatars of its citizens. In contrast, Diana Al-Hadid’s giant sculptural works “get you to pay attention to interiors and exteriors” by layering steel, bronze, and fiberglass.

Tools are the conduit of creation—from concept to canvas. “The more intimate you are with your tools, the more you can tell your story,” advises media artist Beryl Korot. For some artists, employing new tools presents fresh opportunities for  artistic freedom expressed in a new medium. Known for her sculptural installations featuring life-like replicas of body parts, Doreen Garner introduced tattooing into her practice, providing a new perspective on the human form. This playlist is a celebration of technique and vision, exploring the diverse tool sets from which artists create.