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Weekly Watchlist: Revisiting Oakland’s Creative Growth Art Center

Who decides what stands for nature?

In a recent conversation with Mark Dion, the artist confronts bias in representations of the natural world.

I am struggling to untangle how ideology taints the representation of nature—to understand what assumptions, values, desires, fears, and hopes drive these depictions. I want to critically understand the various agendas embedded in these official stories. I think understanding this history of ideas is key to comprehending how we in the West have evolved a suicidal relationship to the natural world.

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Film Premiere and Conversation with Jes Fan

Join us from home for the world premiere of a new film from our New York Close Up series featuring artist Jes Fan.

The live program will begin with an advance screening of the forthcoming release, “Jes Fan: Infectious Beauty,” followed by a conversation led by Art21 assistant curator, Danielle Brock.

The program takes place on Tuesday, May 19, at 12:00 p.m. EST online via Zoom.

Admission is free, but advance registration is required.

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#Art21GreatestHits: Creative Growth Art Center in “San Francisco Bay Area”

This week’s #Art21GreatestHits staff pick features our segment on Oakland-based Creative Growth Art Center, as selected by Nick Ravich, Director of Video Programming and Production.

“It always makes me tear up a little,” says Nick. “The artwork is so materially simple but so involving. I had a chance to visit myself last spring and the reality was as rich and complicated as our segment.”

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