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New Video: Caroline Woolard Reimagines History

In a new film from the New York Close Up digital series—the eighth of our Summer of Shorts film premieres—artist Caroline Woolard assembles a group of artist-collaborators and together they embark on Carried on Both Sides, a research-based sculptural project that reimagines the past and future of the amphora.

A two-handled vessel, the amphora was used to transport goods like wine and olive oil throughout ancient Rome. During her intensive research process, Woolard discovered that the “@” symbol we use in email addresses and social media handles originated as a symbol for amphora itself.

Through underwater and slow motion photography, the film follows the artists from UrbanGlass in Brooklyn to Rockaway Beach in Queens, as they develop and test their own contemporary glass amphorae, taking the ancient forms back to the seas where they originally travelled.

The film is also accompanied by a behind-the-scenes article from Art21’s Director of Production, Nick Ravich, who shares six tips for shooting underwater video.

“The amphorae were made to be taken off of ships and to find their ground in the sand. I love this inability to reconcile a concrete and hardened world.”