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New Video: Artist Aki Sasamoto Pushes the Limit

In a new film from our New York Close Up digital series, we introduce a brand new artist to the series roster: Aki Sasamoto. Seventh in our Summer of Shorts programming series, the film follows Sasamoto as she tests both physical and psychological limits in her latest work, Yield Point, installed and performed at The Kitchen earlier this year. Connecting her surroundings to her thematic fascinations with order, health, and consumption, the artist’s installations often incorporate found materials which she interacts with during performances.

Watch the film and see Sasamoto use a mechanical stress testing machine at Rutgers University, tour a dumpster warehouse in Queens, and perform Yield Point.

“Lately I’m feeling super stretched and tired—trying to do a day job and trying to do art—so I was interested in how much one can push yourself.
That’s why I went to thinking about elasticity and testing that limit.”