Caroline Woolard

Caroline Woolard was born in 1984 in Providence, Rhode Island, and lives and works in New York. Working at the intersection of art, economy, and technology, Woolard creates interdisciplinary projects that aim to build solidarity in her community and city. 

Woolard conceives and carries out collaborative projects by bringing systems-thinking to traditional studio-based artistic practices. Rather than believing that the economy is a monolithic entity which cannot be altered, Woolard has taken on the immense challenge of building equitable systems that privilege communal wellbeing over personal gain.

Her projects include The Study Center for Group Work, an in-person network of people who meet to refine collaborative methods; the New York City Real Estate Investment Cooperative (NYC REIC), which uses traditional investment strategies to invest in community—rather than corporate—development;, an on-line platform for bartering skills, spaces, and objects; and the Exchange Café, wherein visitors to MoMA could acquire tea, milk, and honey through non-monetary means of exchange.

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“What if art could be a kind of
glistening glass object
in the middle of the ocean?”

Caroline Woolard