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Trenton Doyle Hancock in "Stories"

“In my work I feel I’m finally being able to bring together the worlds of comic book narratives and the history of abstraction,” comments Trenton Doyle Hancock. Hancock’s drawings, installations, paintings tell the epic story of a group of mythical creatures called Mounds.

While developing the most recent installment of his story, Hancock explains that his newest series of allegorical paintings are “colorful blasts of energy or communication from Mounds, these visions of hope. So in a way it’s like God’s promise with the rainbow after the flood.”

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Trenton Doyle Hancock

Trenton Doyle Hancock’s prints, drawings, and collaged-felt paintings work together to tell the story of the Mounds—a group of mythical creatures that are the tragic protagonists of the artist’s unfolding narrative. Each new work by Hancock is a contribution to the saga of the Mounds, portraying the birth, life, death, afterlife, and even dream states of these half-animal, half-plant creatures. Influenced by the history of painting, especially Abstract Expressionism, Hancock transforms traditionally formal decisions—such as the use of color, language, and pattern—into opportunities to create new characters, develop sub-plots, and convey symbolic meaning. Balancing moral dilemmas with wit and a musical sense of language and color, Hancock’s works create a painterly space of psychological dimensions.

“In my work, I feel I’m finally being able to bring together the world of comic book narratives and the history of abstraction.”

Trenton Doyle Hancock

Comics & Animation

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Artist Trenton Doyle Hancock discusses his story of the Mounds as it’s told through his paintings.

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