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Collier Schorr in "Loss & Desire"

“Gender, religion, nationality—they’re all sort of things that are in flux in my work,” comments Collier Schorr, pointing out the ambiguity that is so important to each image. Filmed taking pictures of a wrestling practice and match, Schorr captures the physical exhaustion and camaraderie of her subjects.

Shifting to the subject of art history, Schorr’s images of her male model and friend, Jens, dramatize poses made by American painter Andrew Wyeth’s female model Helga. The segment ends in Germany where Schorr recreates a fictionalized military occupation of the landscape, bringing to the surface the personal histories buried and repressed by war.

More information and credits


Created by: Susan Sollins & Susan Dowling. Executive Producer & Curator: Susan Sollins. Series Producer: Eve-Laure Moros Ortega. Associate Producer: Migs Wright. Assistant Curator: Wesley Miller. Production Manager: Alice Bertoni & Laura Recht. Production Coordinator: Kelly Shindler & Sara Simonson. Director of Education & Outreach: Jessica Hamlin. Consulting Director: Charles Atlas. Editor: Joanna Kiernan. Host Segment Artist: Charles Atlas. Host: Jane Alexander. Director of Photography: Martial Barrault, Bob Elfstrom, Mead Hunt, Ken Kobland, William Rexer, Joel Shapiro, & Dyanna Taylor. Sound: Doug Dunderdale, Jim Gallup, Judith Karp, Mark Mandler, Caleb Mose, Andre Rigaud, & Bill Wander. Gaffer/Grip: Chris Flurry, Jeff Howison, Alan Jacobsen, Michael Lamb, & Zach Zamboni. Assistant Camera: Jarred Alterman, Steve Banister, Cyril Mulon, Kipjaz Savoie, & Lieven Van Hulle. Host Make-Up: Joanne Nöél. Props: Jesus Aguilar & Sandy Handloser. Production Assistant: Eric Kutner, Guillermo Luna Rosales, Dawn Watson, & Yahia Zadek. Assistant Avid Editor: Anne Alvergue, Geoff Gruetzmacher, Jeremy Siefer, & Lynn True. Still Photography: Alice Bertoni, Bob Elfstrom, & Julie Graber.

Creative Consultant: Ed Sherin. Graphic Design & Animation: Open, New York. Animation, Visual Effects & Compositing: Spontaneous Combustion. On-Line Editor: Don Wyllie & Frame:Runner NYC. Composer: Peter Foley. Voice-Over Artist: Jace Alexander. Sound Editing: Margaret Crimmins, Greg Smith, & Dog Bark Sound. Sound Mix: Tony Volante & Soundtrack F/T. Animation Stand: Frank Ferrigno & Frame:Runner NYC.

Artworks courtesy of: Janine Antoni; Gabriel Orozco; Collier Schorr; Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris; Luhring Augustine Gallery; Magasin 3, Stockholm; Marian Goodman Gallery; Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego; SITE Santa Fe; & 303 Gallery. Archival footage courtesy of: Juan Carlos Martín.

Special Thanks: The Art21 Board of Trustees; Rocío Barajas; Jamie Bennett; Blair Academy; Scott Cohen; Cate Ellison; The Graduate School and University Center/CUNY; Nora Kabat; Megan Laborious; La Tuilerie, Treigny; Herbert Molner; SITE Santa Fe; & West Point US Military Academy.

Interns: Sharon Ber, Elana Davidian, Eliza Geddes, Karmin Guzder, Ehren Joseph, Lisa Kalikow, Lila Kanner, Crystal Kui, Daniela Leonard, Ronny Merdinger, Parth Savla, Kristen Smith, Whitney Smith, Morgan Soloski, Jo-ey Tang, Asya Varshishky, Jesse Whittle-Utter, & Jeremy Zilar.

Public Relations: Kelly & Salerno Communications. Legal Counsel: Albert Gottesman. Bookkeeper: William Handy.

Major underwriting for Season 2 of Art in the Twenty-First Century is provided by National Endowment for the Arts, PBS, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Allen Foundation for the Arts, Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro, Bloomberg, The Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation, Nonprofit Finance Fund, JPMorgan Chase, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, New York Arts Recovery Fund, Peter Norton Family Foundation, New York Times Company Foundation, Dorothea L. Leonhart Foundation, and Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation.

Closed captionsAvailable in English, German, Romanian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian

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Collier Schorr

Best known for her portraits of adolescent men and women, Collier Schorr ‘s pictures often blend photographic realism with elements of fiction and youthful fantasy. For her 1998 project, Neue Soldaten, Schorr juxtaposed documentary-style pictures of a Swedish army battalion with pictures of fake Swedish soldiers played by German teenagers. Schorr’s images not only call into question the fractured role of soldiering in today’s society, but also examine the way nationality, gender, and sexuality influence an individual’s identity.

“Gender, religion, nationality—they’re all sort of things that are in flux in my work.”

Collier Schorr


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Graciela Iturbide

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Carrie Mae Weems

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“Wrestlers Love America”

In this interview, Collier Schorr talks about what it was like photographing wrestlers during matches, and how the resulting photographs are installed and received by viewers.

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By Charles Atlas with Jane Alexander

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