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Art21 Educators are a vital part of Art21 Education regardless of how much time has passed since they participated in the program. Alumni are invited to attend the Art21 Educators Summer Institute each year and continue to stay actively involved in the online community of Art21 Educators. Hear what Alumni say about their Art21 experience below:


Stacey Abramson
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“If you are looking for a way to invigorate your teaching practice and be embraced by an encouraging community of educators, Art21 Educators is the place for you. From the moment I became a part of the Art21 Educators family in 2016, I have been supported by a family of passionate educators that inspire and engage me in continual conversation about the power of contemporary art education. It’s easy to feel alone when you are pushing the boundaries of what art education can and should be, but the work we all do in the program show me that this is the changing face of art education.”

Amber Arnold 
Suwanee, Georgia

“Years later, and I am still in touch with a number of my Year 6 classmates almost on a daily basis. I also continue to stay involved through the monthly Elementary chats to reconnect with the ideas, discussion, and community. I will treasure my experiences with Art21 Educators, and the community I have found, for years to come.”

Dennis Greenwell
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“Art21 Educators has transformed my teaching and given me the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded educators that I consider friends. There are so many wonderful parts of the summer institute each year, but I have to say, some of my most memorable moments have been the conversations I have had with amazing people in the program. Art21 Educators is a resource that is constantly changing. There is always something new and thought-provoking.”

Alex Mendez
Chicago, Illinois

“Being a part of Art21 Educators has been a very powerful experience for me as an educator and artist. The relationships that I have made continue to be incredible and inspiring. Meeting and talking with artists that are in the series has been amazing and like nothing that I have ever been a part of. All of these factors add to my interest and curiosity for the future of the program. This feels like a program that is as much about what is being learned as it is about those that are learning.”