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Frequently asked questions:

I’m having trouble with the online application form. What should I do?

Email [email protected] and describe the issue. We will respond to all inquiries.

Is graduate credit available for Art21 Educators?

Yes, accepted educators are able to receive a total of 6 graduate credits from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design for participation in the full year of the program. Participants are responsible for paying the additional cost for the credits. Once accepted to the program, program participants will receive more information and a registration form. In addition, Art21 can provide individual letters to school districts or school administrators stipulating that participants were involved with a professional development initiative and have successfully completed PD hours.

Can I apply to Art21 Educators if I am a college/university professional or museum educator?

The program is primarily oriented towards K–12 classroom teachers but we are open to applicants representing varied institutional perspectives. We do recommend that all applicants have a teaching context in which to apply programmatic resources and learning. If you do apply from another educational context, please tell us how you anticipate benefiting from the program and applying the program to your specific work and teaching.

Can I apply to Art21 Educators if I am a not an art or humanities teacher (math, science, etc.)?

Yes. K–12 teachers from all subject areas are eligible to apply for the program.

Can I apply to Art21 Educators if I am an educator living outside the United States, Canada, or Mexico?

Unfortunately we are only able to accept educators teaching in the United States, Canada, and Mexico at this time.

If I have been rejected from a past year of Art21 Educators, can I apply again? Can I receive feedback on my application in order to make improvements?

Yes, you may apply to Art21 Educators if you were not selected in a previous year. Due to the number of applicants, we are unable to provide individual feedback to previous or current applicants.

Is the Art21 Educators program and the “Summer Institute” the same thing?

Yes and no. Art21 Educators is a year-long commitment that kicks off with what we call the “Summer Institute.” This is an intensive six and a half days of workshops, studio visits, guest presentations, and curriculum planning. Art21 Educators continues during the academic year with monthly webinar forums and social networking applications to further the work from the Summer Institute. During the school year participants complete assignments, write, plan, and implement curriculum in their classrooms. They also document (using video, photography, and writing) and share their work, as well as receive feedback from peers and Art21 Education staff to enhance and improve their teaching.

I am a graduate student in art education and would like to observe the Summer Institute as part of my research. Would this be possible?

We are happy to provide educational resources and information regarding the program, but we are unable to accommodate requests to observe the program due to the intimate nature of the institute and the community of participants.

Are there any grants or funding opportunities available to applicants?

Unfortunately, Art21 is unable to provide financial assistance for the Art21 Educators program.

We encourage applicants to look into funding opportunities provided by their communities, schools, or districts. The following funding opportunities are also available:

Can I be guaranteed a single room if I select that housing option for accommodations at NYU?

If you select the option to stay at NYU, we will try our best to accommodate your requests for room selection. If you do make the selection for NYU housing on your application, and are accepted to the program, you will be expected to fulfill the financial obligation of a single or double occupancy room for the week. If you need to cancel or find other accommodations after your acceptance, you may still be obligated for some or the entire percentage of the cost of NYU housing.

For the curricular examples and lesson plans submitted as part of the application, do you want supplemental materials like handouts, notes, and rubrics, etc. included?

We encourage you to upload any materials that accompany your examples—whether it be an overview of the curriculum, final lesson plans, examples of student work, and so on.

I do not have access to video equipment. What other formats can I use for the video submission?

If you do not have access to video equipment, we still require some form of audio/visual profile; this could be a photo-essay or slide-show with accompanying text or audio using PowerPoint. You can record an oral biography, or create an annotated YouTube video playlist that tells us a story about you. You may also use a digital camera to shoot 1-2 minute video clips that you then combine with audio recordings. As an important part of the application, we greatly value your willingness to work with technology and gain skills in this area.

Will you offer this program again in the future?

Art21 Educators is an evolving program and we plan to continue to offer opportunities for educators in the future.

Given the fact that you will only be accepting up to 14 teachers, will there be a waiting list?

No. There will be no formal waiting list. Applicants are encouraged to apply again in future years.