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Weekly Watchlist: Organize the Chaos

Marcel Dzama Keeps It Open

Re-envisioning his drawings as still images for stage productions, Marcel Dzama began to organize the chaos of figures into stylized formations and moved away from animal figures, in favor of humans or human figures in animal costumes.

“The more interesting ideas come out of my work in that witching hour. There’s more of a flow, because I have one foot in subconscious and one in reality.”

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Marcel Dzama

November 14, 2018

Explore: Pop Culture

Adam Milner bent over a blue table tying a bib a ceramic deer figurine. There are several other deer figurines on the table.

IMAGE: Production still from the New York Close Up film, “Adam Milner Takes Care of the Details.” © Art21, Inc. 2021.

Blending pop culture and refinement, high culture into low culture, and in general muddying taste, these artists borrow from the mainstream to engage with audiences.

Adam Milner creates artwork in dialogue with items and ideas gathered from everyday encounters, Raymond Pettibon finds subjects for satire and social commentary, and Jeff Koons frames questions about taste and pleasure.

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In the Studio: Rose Salane

Rose Salane wearing a blue collared shirt, sitting in an orange chair. sits in an orange chair.

IMAGE: Artist Rose Salane working in her studio. Photographed by Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. for Art21.

Rose Salane accesses histories through the stories objects tell when we’re willing to listen.

“While technology can be more widespread, global, limitless, especially in terms of communication, there is a local power in objects. Objects become anchors for moments in time to stop.”

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Art21 Educators Summer Institute

A group of Art21 Educators sitting around tables in a classroom watching a presentation on a large screen.

The 2022–2023 Art21 Educators Program kicks off next week with the Summer Institute from July 5 to 9, welcoming twelve educators that will join the incoming cohort of Art21 Educators hailing from the United States, Brazil, and Canada.

As a year-long intensive experience, the Art21 Educators program encourages teachers to consider new ways that contemporary art can support teaching and learning both in the arts and other disciplines.

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