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Weekly Watchlist: Break Free from Expectations

Ten films capture examinations of free expression

Breaking free from expectations, artists abstract traditional definitions of gender and sexuality to provide visibility to LGBTQ communities underrepresented in the mainstream.

The artists in our Pride Unveiled playlist examine identity through individual and community participation, challenging audiences and participants to exercise free expression by putting forth their own personal experiences.

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Abigail DeVille Listens to History

IMAGE: Production still from the New York Close Up film, “Abigail DeVille Listens to History.” © Art21, Inc. 2018.

“There’s merit in the attempt to make something that could talk about something larger than yourself. People are messy, history is messy. The work needs to reflect that.”

Through her immersive performances and installation works, Abigail DeVille celebrates the bravery and optimism—while also memorializing the suffering—embedded within the African American experience.

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“Salman Toor’s Emerald Green” Screening at Frameline46

Salman Toor sitting cross-legged on the of floor of his studio working on a painting, one arm holding a palette and the other holding a paintbrush to the canvas.

IMAGE: Salman Toor in his Brooklyn, New York studio, 2021. Production still from the Art21 New York Close Up film, “Salman Toor’s Emerald Green.” © Art21, Inc. 2021.

Founded in 1977, the San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival is the longest-running, largest, and most widely recognized queer film exhibition event in the world.

“Salman Toor’s Emerald Green” will be featured in Frameline46 Doc Shorts: The Art of Realization on June 25 at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco.

“Salman Toor’s Emerald Green” previously was selected for a Vimeo Staff Pick in November 2021 and accepted into Outfest Fusion in April 2022.

“Watching him work, I was so struck by the calmness of his process (and his wry sense of humor), and how his highly planned compositions give way to a lot of discovery once he is in front of a canvas.”
— Adam Golfer, Director “Salman Toor’s Emerald Green

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