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Weekly Watchlist: A Look Back at 550 Films

Celebrating 550 films

To date, nearly 250 artists’ stories comprise this crucial archive of contemporary art history.

At Art21, we believe that “Art is for Everyone.” As a digital-first organization, Art21 is the always-open museum, offering free, unobstructed access to our complete film collection and educational library.

Thank you to our global family of artists, filmmakers, educators, trustees, and funders who uphold our mission to inspire a more creative and tolerant world through the works and words of contemporary artists.

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Mika Rottenberg’s Imaginary Factories

Mika Rottenberg sitting cross legged in a chair at her desk

IMAGE: Mika Rottenberg in her Bedford-Stuyvesant Home, 2013. Production still from the Art21 New York Close Up film, “Mika Rottenberg and the Amazing Invention Factory.” © Art21, Inc. 2013.

Mika Rottenberg considers a survey of her videos in which women work in factory-like settings to create handmade objects.

“Meeting the person is part of developing the concept. It’s not like I make the piece and then I have to cast it, it’s the casting is almost before actually deciding what the piece is gonna be.”

Virtual Teacher Workshop: Mindful Sewing

White fabric with green squares pinned across a grey couch. Slightly out of focus hands holding needle and thread in the foreground.

IMAGE: Production still from the Art21 Extended Play film, “Crafting Lineage: Tanya Aguiñiga.” © Art21, Inc. 2021.

Join Art21 for a virtual teacher workshop on Monday, June 6, 2022 at 6 p.m. ET.

Two alumni of Art21 Educators will lead a session dedicated to mindful “blind” sewing. The program will begin with a series of warm-up activities and then a final stitching session. No experience required!

The program is free and will take place via Zoom.

Register now.

In the Studio: Cindy Phenix

Artist Cindy Phenix in her studio before a large scale unfinished canvas.

IMAGE: Cindy Phenix in her LA studio in April 2022. Photographed by Brandon Stanciell.

Cindy Phenix imagines new collectivities through collage.

“With my work people can gather together and connect the narratives and scenes, and become integrated in the work to create a new kind of collectivity. It’s important that the viewer is part of the work, the collectivity.”

Read the article.

Educators’ Guides

Bryan Zanisnik's head peeking out of a clear box with a wooden frame.

IMAGE: Production still from the New York Close Up film, “Bryan Zanisnik Keeps It in the Family.” © Art21, Inc. 2014.

Developed to accompany films from our Extended Play and New York Close Up series, this special collection of Educators’ Guides are available individually, by featured artist, as free downloadable resources.

Our latest Educators’ Guide features artist Bryan Zanisnik.

Download now.

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