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Weekly Watchlist: Of Homecomings Distant and Abstract

Catherine Opie recollects hometown memories

Visiting her hometown of Sandusky, Ohio, Catherine Opie toured sites from her childhood with camera in tow, reflecting on how experiences from her formative years helped shape her approach to photography.

“Going back to Sandusky has been really interesting because I’ve been allowed to find this place of joy again, where it was really hard for me to be as a kid,” says Opie.

“I used the landscape to change my emotional state. That comes up for me in relationship to how I photograph a place.”

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Catherine Opie

May 2, 2014

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Playlist: Going Home

The idea of “home” can be translated in a variety of ways: from a literal representation found in built structures and hometowns, to the feeling of acceptance discovered by a new place and community.

A homecoming—or a longing for home—provides an opportunity for self-reflection and an undeniable source of personal and creative discovery.

The artists in this playlist address the concept of home, confronting themes of contradiction, coming-of-age, blight, and immigration.

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With thanks from the Art21 staff

I’m thankful for the enthusiasm, wisdom, and commitment of the entire Art21 team. We’ve grown stronger and—in unexpected ways— closer in this time, despite the distance. This extends to the Art21 board, who have steadfastly showed up with us on video calls to sort through and expand our thinking about a future unknown. For this and more, I’m thankful to call myself a member of this stellar group of humans supporting artists right now.
Tina Kukielski, Susan Sollins Executive Director and Chief Curator

I’m grateful for everyone at Art21; for art and artists; for being able to work from home; for home-baked cookies; a no-stress thanksgiving with my wife; for our cat Louise; and for having time and space to create. I could go on and on because I’m feeling particularly grateful today!
Lauren Barnett, Director of Development

I’m grateful for the wonderful souls that make Art21 possible—from the production team to the artists who let us into their lives to the supporters that help us make these inspiring films a reality. You all rock! And a special shout-out to all first responders, frontline workers, and teachers that continue to give so much during these hard times. Utmost respect and gratitude to you all.
Lolita Fierro, Associate Director, Major Gifts and Special Events

I’m thankful for the production freelancers who are essential to Art21’s work. Their ingenuity was especially invaluable this year as shoots and edits were reconfigured in ways that helped keep everyone safe.
Ian Forster, Producer

I’m very grateful to be a part of such a hard working and talented team here at Art21. Especially grateful to be working with teachers in our Art21 Educators program that bring so much to the table for their students each day—virtually and in person. I’m also grateful (and blessed!) to have a family that supports my intense passion for this work. It’s not exactly easy living with me. 🙂
Joe Fusaro, Senior Education Advisor

For what normally feels like an isolating operation in leading our digital efforts, I am thankful to witness and enable the creative passion displayed amongst our audiences across the digital landscape. The energy received from those real-time engagements feeds right back into sharing even more artists’ stories.
Jonathan Munar, Director of Digital

While I have always found solace in art, this year proved over and over again how grateful I am for the work and words of artists. Hearing them speak about their work, their lives and the state of the world is a gift I cherish year round, but especially this holiday season.
Emma Nordin, Manager of Education Initiatives

Thank you for supporting our work

Your indispensable, generous donations make our work possible. With safety measures in place, Art21 has resumed on-site film shoots and will release films in the coming year, and will produce even more digital education programs allowing for multiple avenues to discover and interact with contemporary art. Resources that are in higher demand now than ever before.

If you are able at this time, please consider making a year-end contribution to Art21. Your donation helps to ensure artists’ voices have a lasting impact for generations to come.