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Weekly Watchlist: The Anarchic Potential of Color and Space

Phyllida Barlow interrupts space with sculpture

Phyllida Barlow’s massive sculptures challenge viewers’ experiences of physical space, stretching the limits of mass, volume, and height as they tower, block, and interrupt space.

“A stand-alone sculpture is using the space that we could occupy, or something more worthwhile,” says Barlow in our recent “London” episode. “Its possibility for being anarchic excites me a lot.”

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Playlist: The Anarchic Potential of Color

Inspired by colors found throughout their surroundings, the artists in this playlist fuse multiple influences to illuminate new ideas.

The melding and merging of hues can serve as both a means and an end in abstract compositions, but many of these artists go beyond painting, using light, found objects, and even pollen to infuse their works with color.

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Conversation and Q&A with Phyllida Barlow

Join us from home for the final event in a series of free digital programs presented in conjunction with the latest season of Art in the Twenty-First Century.

Following a screening of Phyllida Barlow‘s segment from our “London” episode, the artist will be joined by Daniel Baumann, Director of Kunsthalle Zürich, for a conversation and Q&A.

The program takes place on Tuesday, November 24, at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Admission is free, but advance registration is required.

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Please note that this event was rescheduled from its original September 21 date. Previous registrations will be honored for the new date.

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