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Three New Films Capture A Portrait of Contemporary American Experiences

Our 21st anniversary year started with a series of new film premieres, and now will come to a close in the same manner.

Today, we are introducing a series of three new films to close out the year, all from our Extended Play digital series. Collectively, the artists featured in these films—Kara Walker, Jason Moran, Marcel Dzama, and Alex Da Corte—reveal unique and personal portraits of contemporary American culture.

The first film of the series, featuring Kara Walker and Jason Moran, is available to watch in full today. The remaining films will premiere across two Wednesdays in November.

As our executive director and chief curator Tina Kukielski notes, “On the heels of an international television season, we return to documenting our current social climate, with an urgency to document and share this stunning collective portrait of American experiences.” As we travel from Brooklyn, to New Orleans, to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, we hope that you will enjoy taking this journey with us.

Episode Guide

Kara Walker & Jason Moran: Sending Out A Signal

Premiered October 31; Watch now

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Kara Walker & Jason Moran

October 31, 2018

In a candid one-on-one conversation, Kara Walker and composer/musician Jason Moran discuss their collaboration for the Prospect.4 triennial in New Orleans, Katastwóf Karavan (2018). Installed at Algiers Point on the bank of the Mississippi River and activated daily across three days in February 2018, the work featured a thirty-two-note steam calliope performed by Moran and housed in a wagon developed by Walker. A contemporary calliope, Katastwóf Karavan uses the mechanics of American manufacturing to uplift the voices it once suppressed.

Marcel Dzama: Organizing Chaos

Premiered November 14; Watch now

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Marcel Dzama

November 14, 2018

From his home and studio in Brooklyn, Marcel Dzama discusses the evolution of his practice, spanning his time as a student in his native Winnipeg up to his more recent responses to U.S. politics and media. Drawing upon a mix of influences—from childhood monsters, like the Wolfman and Dracula, to the work of artists like Marcel Duchamp, William Blake, and Francis Picabia—Dzama creates unique worlds that are at once surreal and familiar, sweet and violent, chaotic and elegant.

Alex Da Corte: 57 Varieties

Premiered November 28; Watch now

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Alex Da Corte

November 28, 2018

Working in and around the Greater Philadelphia area, Alex Da Corte and his community of assistants create a video and sculptural commission for the 57th Carnegie International, currently on view in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The epic installation blends art history with pop culture in 57 lovingly-handcrafted videos, which finds Da Corte exploring and embodying characters such as Mr. Rogers, the Wicked Witch, and puppeteer Caroll Spinney. Through the videos, as well as the neon-infused house-like structure in which the videos are screened, Da Corte explores his personal connection to home and family.