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Introducing Art21.live

With each of our digital projects at Art21, we set out to deliver experiences around the works and words of contemporary artists in ways that are inspiring, exciting, and in tune with the zeitgeist of modern media consumption. Today, in the spirit of that ambition, we are very excited to introduce our latest digital project, Art21.live (press release).

Art21.live is a curated, always-on streaming video channel featuring high-quality, hand-selected programming on contemporary art and artists.

For 21 years now, Art21 has excelled at broadcasting art on platforms where art was otherwise underrepresented—or unrepresented altogether. It’s a journey that brought our films from television screens, to theater screens, to personal computer screens, to mobile screens. Art21.live and Art21.org continue in that tradition by bringing over 50 hours of film from the Art21 library to audiences on any screen of their choosing.

We’ve heard stories of artists who keep Art21 films playing in the background while at work in their studios. We’ve heard from first-time watchers who have found themselves caught in impromptu binge watching sessions after stumbling upon one of our films. We’ve heard from educators who use the Art21 artist list as a starting point for their lesson planning. These audiences were our inspiration for this project—those who seek inspiration but are uncertain of where to start.

Art21.live is always on and always available for viewers to tune in and get lost in the works and words of these great artists.

Every moment of the Art21.live stream is programmed with purpose by the Art21 staff, and we will continue to find meaningful through lines across all of our curated films to keep audiences coming back for both lean-back and appointment viewing.

The Art21.live experience was designed and built by Brooklyn-based studio CHIPS, with whom we have worked on many projects, including this very website.

Art21.live presents opportunities for viewers to be unexpectedly inspired around the clock. We can’t wait to hear about the surprises that you and all of our audiences will encounter after spending some time with the channel. Tune in at Art21.live!