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New Video: Valeska Soares on the Borderline of Transition

In a new Art21 special presentation, artist Valeska Soares reflects on the transitional nature of her practice while shown at work on a painting from her Doubleface series. A test of identity within abstraction, the works engage with the history of portraiture to create “a relationship with these women,” explains the artist.

Also featured is the artist’s 2017 installation, Epilogue, which was comprised of five antique tables covered in mismatched antique cups filled with wine and spirits. The work evokes the end of a rambling party and invites the viewer into the role of host; the installation catalysing an imagined narrative defined only by each viewer’s interpretation of the objects.

“I don’t have a material fetish. Whatever the concept, if the idea only can be expressed through a movie, a photograph, or a perfume, that’s what I use.”
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