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Art21 News Roundup: Celebrating Artists Who Connect Communities

In our films, we have shown artists using their work as a way to give back to communities, directly engaging with a broader public as a means of connection and collaboration. Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument created a site-specific sculpture with a community, for the community. Oliver Herring’s TASK encourages a community of participants to take creative risks together. And by collaborating directly with local schools and museums, performances from Nick Cave’s Heard series have brought communities together for a single transformative moment.

At Art21, we share that passion for connecting people through the power of contemporary art. As Cave says in our film, “I want to use art as a form of diplomacy.” You can help make that possible—bringing contemporary art to a global audience—through a year-end donation to Art21.

Featured Video from the Art21 Library

Nick Cave in “Chicago”

From Season 8 of Art21’s broadcast series Art in the Twenty-First Century

Nick Cave creates “Soundsuits”–surreally majestic objects blending fashion and sculpture–that originated as metaphorical suits of armor in response to the Rodney King beatings and have evolved into vehicles for empowerment.

“This place of dreaming within my work really is the place that I find that I exist in most of the time,” says the artist. “What do I need to put in place to allow you to dream?”

Watch the film.

Featured Art21 Playlist

The Anarchic Potential of Color

Bright and busy to the cusp of chaotic, the color employed by the artists in these films can’t be contained by a traditional palette. Instead, the hues fill compositions and entire walls to express the artist’s larger ideas, using color as a starting point to explore notions of memory, space, identity and more.

Inspired by the use of color inside and outside the art world, these artists fuse multiple influences to illuminate new ideas.

Watch the playlist.

Highlights from the Art21 Magazine

From the November / December “Empathy” issue:

Read the issue.

IMAGE: Orawan Arunrak. Exit – Entrance, 2017. Installation view, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. Photo: Wolfgang Bellwinkel. Courtesy of the artist. © Orawan Arunrak.

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