Aki Sasamoto

Aki Sasamoto was born in 1980 in Kanagawa, Japan, and now lives and works in New York. An installation and performance artist, Sasamoto works in various media, finding material inspiration in response to the conditions of her site or surroundings.

Often collaborating with other artists, scholars, and even mathematicians, Sasamoto performs within her installations, which can take place in galleries, theaters, or outside of traditional art venues. The artist builds these installations from everyday found objects, and her performances actively engage viewers, occasionally transforming them into participants. Sasamoto’s ongoing thematic fascinations with food, health, hygiene, and orderliness are reflected in her formally precise and richly narrative practice. She often places herself within self-imposed physical limitations: she crawled inside industrial dryers for her 2016 series of performances at the Sculpture Center, entitled Delicate Cycle. Sasamoto is also a cofounder of Culture Push, a nonprofit that brings people from different communities together to foster new modes of thinking and creating.

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“This thing with art making…you have to achieve total control before you accept chaos in it.”

Aki Sasamoto