Art21 creates both Educator Guides and Screening Guides to provide a deeper engagement with and understanding of Art21 films. Educator Guides are designed as a resource to facilitate discussions and activities in the classroom, before, during, and after the viewing of Art21 films. Screening Guides can be used to plan a meaningful public viewing of Art21 films.

  • Educator Guides

    Art21’s Educator Guides provide information about selected artists and themes, questions for classroom discussions, and hands-on activities that provide students with a fundamental understanding of creative and critical thinking processes.

  • People sitting in colorful bean bag chairs on the floor of a gallery watching a screen on the far wall.
    Screening Guides

    Screening Guides are designed to help plan a public event, and include tips on getting started, episode synopses, artist biographies, discussion questions, and group activities.

  • Learning with Art21 Guide

    A free downloadable resource for introducing contemporary art and artists into classroom and community-based learning.

  • “Artist Speak” series

    A collection of one-page artist biographies, themes, and activity ideas, the “Artist Speak” series was created around artists featured in Seasons 2 and 3 of Art in the Twenty-First Century.