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Weekly Watchlist: Imagine Solutions for the Impossible

Cecilia Vicuña imagines solutions for the impossible

Speaking with Art21 earlier this year, artist Cecilia Vicuña described the organic inspiration and motivation behind works such as her enormous quipus and smaller-scale precarios.

“The main tactical decision for me is to open up to that form of understanding or feeling that exists in you,” said Vicuña. “It exists in your own fingers, in your imagination, in your dreams.”

“The art exists in learning how to listen to that, because it’s not something that you are taught. No one can teach you how to do that. You have to discover yourself, how to pay attention to those very delicate threads of imagination.”

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An-My Lê reconnects with her homeland

In our “Protest” episode, An-My Lê discussed her return to Vietnam—where she grew up amid the violence of the Vietnam War—to photograph people’s activities, revisit childhood memories, and reconnect with her homeland.

“It’s that beauty that I wanted to embrace in my work,” said Lê. “When you live in exile, things like smell and memories, stories you hear from your childhood, all those things take on such importance—things that really connect you to the land.”

“And unfortunately pictures don’t smell, but if I could do that you know it would be about smells as well.”

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