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Weekly Watchlist: Women Who Are Shaping the Trajectory of Contemporary Art

12 women who are shaping the trajectory of contemporary art

Expanding the canon of art history while continuing to explore and refine their own practices, the twelve women in our The Future Is Female playlist are leading the charge in moving the trajectory of contemporary art.

Tackling systemic issues, broadening the scope of representation, and transforming imagery from the history of visual culture, the artists in this playlist show that the future of art is indeed in the hands of this new generation of artists.

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Shahzia Sikander breaks tradition

Trained in the challenging discipline of Indian and Persian miniature painting, Shahzia Sikander adapted an enduring artistic tradition to the task of questioning and exploring her Eastern heritage, its boundaries, and its liberating possibilities.

“My whole purpose of taking on miniature painting was to break the tradition,” said the artist in our “Spirituality” episode, “to experiment with it, to find new ways of making meaning, to question the relevance of it.”

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Watch: MUBI

MUBI, a film streaming service, primarily hosts critically acclaimed classics, art-house, and independent films. It’s a great place to watch something campy and out there like House by Nobuhiko Ôbayashi, a classic like The Conformist by Bernardo Bertolucci, or whatever film they’ve chosen to screen live through the website that day. If you’re looking for a film you’ll still be thinking about a week later, I’d definitely recommend trying MUBI.

Shared by Jurrell Lewis, Development and Administrative Assistant; Subscribe at mubi.com

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