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Apply Now to Join Art21 Educators 2019–2020

Happy 2019! As we welcome a new calendar year, it’s time to reflect on the prior and consider what goals, actions, and projects we want to pursue in the coming months. Celebrating its eleventh cohort, Art21 Educators remains an incubator of creative and progressive pedagogy by merging Art21’s extensive collection of video documentaries, contemporary art and artists, and Art21 Educators’ alumni from around the globe. I hope this is the year that you apply to Art21 Educators. (And if you are not a teacher, please share this opportunity with all the educators in your life).

Art21 Educators program is now accepting applications for the 2019–2020 cohort. Are you looking for creative inspiration in your teaching? Do you want to gain a new community of collaborators? Is it time for your practice to be challenged by artists and peer educators from across the nation? Submit your application by Monday, March 25, 2019 Midnight EST.

Apply today!

Finally, Art21 is excited to announce that a select number of scholarships are available for the first time. Interested parties should review the Scholarship Guidelines located under Program Fees. Please note that scholarship applications are due the same date and time as the larger application.

Wishing you a creative and productive year ahead.