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Host A Screening of the New Season Through the Art21 Screening Society

Art21 is pleased to announce a new season of Screening Society, the free global screening program, in support of the upcoming ninth season of the Art in the Twenty-First Century television series.

With each edition, Art21 invites a wide variety of partners—schools, universities, libraries, museums, nonprofit organizations, galleries, arts and cultural spaces, community centers, and more—to screen one of the new episodes from the series. Art21 provides all the resources needed to host a public screening (digital HD downloads of the film, an education guide, a screening guide, and more) during the months following the broadcast premiere of the new season on PBS.

All Screening Society events must be free to attend; have the intention to gather more than 10 people to view a film; be universally accessible; and be advertised and open to the general public. Additionally, hosts must submit a post-event summary—including photos, attendance numbers, and guest registration sheets—following their event.

Interested in hosting a screening? Register today!