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Art21 News Roundup: Jordan Casteel Brings Extroversion into an Introverted Studio Practice

“I get to spend the most intimate time initially, by myself in the studio, reengaging with what I felt from someone in an instant.” Our newest film on artist Jordan Casteel uncovers what goes on behind her canvases—the people, experiences, and details that come together to form her large-scale, yet personal portraits. For a young artist, Casteel is quick to recognize the rarity of her newfound opportunities and acknowledge that “with visibility comes responsibility.”

At a time when established behaviors are being rightfully questioned, we—like Casteel—recognize the need to foster a creative voice that is independent, thoughtful and self-aware. Join us in this celebration of cultural responsibility. As the end of the year approaches, consider making a donation to Art21 and you’ll allow us to continue to inspire audiences to see the world in new ways, through the eyes of artists.

New Videos Featuring Tala Madani and Jordan Casteel

Tala Madani: Sketchbooks

Premiered November 3, as part of the Art21 digital series Extended Play

In her Los Angeles studio, Tala Madani shares the crucial role that sketchbooks play in her painting practice. A way for the artist to both experiment with potential compositions and quickly record an idea during a moment of inspiration, Madani’s sketchbooks serve as a visual archive of her paintings–those already realized as well as possible future works.

“A lot of works were worked out more thoroughly in sketches,” says the artist. “It’s the most immediate record of a thinking process.”

Watch the film.

Jordan Casteel Stays in the Moment

Premiered November 17, as part of the Art21 digital series New York Close Up

Artist Jordan Casteel reflects on the complex dynamic between herself and her subjects while adjusting to the recent commercial success of her paintings. After celebrating her first solo gallery exhibition opening, Casteel shares how she uses photography to capture her subjects in an instant, before spending hours investigating every detail of a scene.

“It’s my way of trying to reconnect with the immediacy that happens if you’re sitting in front of somebody,” says the artist. “The camera has really become a liaison between me and the sitter. It gives me time to slow down before I go fast.”

Watch the film.

Featured Art21 Playlist

Starting from Sketches

Published November 13 | 12 videos, 1:25 total runtime

Inspiration is spontaneous. The transformation from idea to realized work can hinge on how an artist captures that moment of creative inception–and, subsequently, how that thought is developed beyond its original state.

Watch as the artists in these films gather inspiration and progress through ideas en route to executing their visions.

Watch the playlist.

Highlights from the Art21 Magazine

From the November / December “Empathy” issue:

Read the issue.

IMAGE: Stephanie Dinkins. Twins (or at some point, I decided to mimic the robot), 2017. Courtesy of the artist. © Stephanie Dinkins.

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