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New Art21 Magazine Issue: “Invention”

Today the Art21 Magazine launched its September/October issue, “Invention.” The issue takes its inspiration directly from artists—both contemporary and historical—who have consistently upended the very definition of art by constantly experimenting with new methods of production and presentation. With a focus on technology and the internet, the issue will investigate how artists and institutions alike are inventing new ways of creating art and connecting us to it.

Joining us as guest editor of the issue is Julia Kaganskiy, the director of the New Museum’s incubator for art, design and technology, NEW INC. Kaganskiy opens the issue with her “Letter from the Editor,” and draws an important distinction between invention and the pervasive buzzword, “innovation.”

Also included in the issue launch is a feature on Chinese-American artist Hong Hong, who combines two traditional papermaking methods—Tibetan and Japanese—to create large-scale paper sculptures. Finally, Art21 Senior Education Advisor Joe Fusaro offers seven strategies for studio art classes as teachers and students head back to school this fall.

Check back on the Art21 Magazine for new articles on invention in contemporary art through the end of October.