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Toasting “Summer of Shorts” in Style

On Saturday, July 15, artists, art lovers, filmmakers and collectors came together at the Elaine de Kooning House in East Hampton, New York, to celebrate Art21’s summerlong film programming series, Summer of Shorts.

From June 2 through August 4, a landmark ten digital shorts were released in ten weeks, spanning Art21’s two digital series: New York Close Up and Extended Play—definitely something to celebrate! We welcomed our biggest fans and supporters to an afternoon of cocktails, films, and conversation.

American Folk Art Museum curator Valerie Rousseau with her daughter.

Collaborative installation by artists John Riepenhoff and Ryan Wallace at Elaine de Kooning House.

Guests mingled in the light-filled studio of Abstract Expressionist painter Elaine de Kooning, wandering through the historic residence where artists have lived and worked for over four decades. Artists John Riepenhoff and Ryan Wallace installed collaborative work in the studio, created in dialogue with the history of the space. Elaine de Kooning originally owned the house in the 1970 and 80s, a time during which she added a working studio. After de Kooning’s death in 1989, the property was purchased by artist John Chamberlain and later owned by painter Richmond Burton.


Alexandra Fairweather, Tina Kukiekski, and Andrea Grover.

Tina Kukielski, Art21’s executive director and chief curator, thanked members of the Art21 Contemporary Council and Guild Hall Contemporaries Circle for coming together to collaborate on the event, recognizing the generous support of members and patrons. Event co-chair Alexandra Fairweather, who grew up in the house with her stepfather John Chamberlain, along with her mother Prudence Fairweather, were both in attendance. Alexandra recounted memories of Chamberlain working in the studio, and remarked how the house has become a sanctuary for artists following the period in 2011 when Chris Byrne purchased it and founded an artist residency program.

Tina Kukielski, Art21 executive director and chief curator, addresses the attendees.

Guests in attendance included Art21 board member Barbara Gundlach; Guild Hall’s executive director Andrea Grover; curators Mia Locks, Liz Christiansen, and Roxana Marcoci; Art21 featured artists Mary Heilmann and David Brooks; Art Basel’s Jessica Hodin; art advisor Lydia Kutko; film producers Anne Chaisson, Rafael Salazar, and Ava Willand; gallery directors Sascha Feldman, Hiroko Onoda, and Cristian Alexa; collectors Ellen Kern, Carole Server, and Sue Evans; and artists Amy Pilkington, Ryan Wallace, Annie Harleman, and Arcmanoro Niles.

Guests celebrating at the Elaine De Kooning House.



Thanks to Gem+Bolt and Wolffer Estate for their in-kind support.


Art21’s Summer of Shorts programming series premiered a new film every Friday, from June 2 through August 4, 2017. Documenting the life and work of some of the most compelling contemporary artists working today, the films featured Meriem Bennani, Jordan Casteel, Stan Douglas, Theaster Gates, Liz Larner, Aki Sasamoto, Avery Singer, Jeff Wall, Chris Ware, and Caroline Woolard.

Watch all of Summer of Shorts now, and support the creation of films documenting contemporary art by making a donation to Art21, or by becoming a member to attend events like these.