Art21 Filmmaker Celebration

On Thursday, November 16, Art21 hosted a special event in honor of filmmakers who have produced, directed, and edited Art21 films. Hosted at Piggyback NYC, more than 60 guests from across the country enjoyed an evening of drinks and light fare, replete with gift bags and a celebratory raffle. In addition to serving as a moment for Art21 to acknowledge the contributions of its filmmakers, the evening doubled as a fun networking opportunity for filmmakers and their friends.

“It felt great to create a moment to recognize the work of so many amazing filmmakers and shine a light on the importance of their work in advancing Art21’s mission to educate and expand access to contemporary art,” says Nick Ravich, Art21 Director of Video Production & Programming. “Art21’s achievements and ongoing pursuit of film excellence wouldn’t be possible without the vision, insights, and talents of the people behind the camera.”

Filmmakers in attendance included Bryan Chang, editor of “Everyday Icons,” from Season 11 of Art in the Twenty-First Century; Malika Zouhali-Worrall, director of “Bodies of Knowledge,” from Season 11 of Art in the Twenty-First Century; Brian Redondo, director and editor of “Azikiwe Mohammed is a Guy Who Makes Stuff;” Sebastián Lasaosa Rogers, director of photography for several Art21 films, including “Charles Gaines: Systems & Structures;” and Riley Hooper, editor of “Richard Mosse: What the Camera Cannot See.”

Photography by Stacey Badgett Jr. of Beccavision /