Program Support

Film production support 

Art21 produces documentaries under the series Art in the Twenty-First Century, New York Close Up, and Extended Play, which offer a living archive of the perspectives and practices of the artists of our time. Produced in close collaboration with the artists, these series offer intimate access that helps to demystify contemporary art and present it in vernacular terms that anyone can connect to. Without narration or commentary, the artists speak directly to the audience. Their works and processes investigate philosophical concepts, explore new forms, challenge traditions, expand the boundaries of media, and actively impact contemporary culture. 

Art21 films provide a window into contemporary art ordinarily inaccessible to the public, allowing viewers to consider the world in new ways. 

Education support

Art21 believes that access to art is a powerful catalyst to inspire creativity, aid in identity formation, and build empathy. As such, educational and public programming are a critical part of Art21’s activities.

Inspired by our film series, Art21 education programs encourage educators and their students to think and work like artists—using thematic, inquiry-driven processes and strategies that reflect how artists think and make work today. 

These initiatives provide broad audiences with access to contemporary art and artists via educational workshops, public programs, and digital content that complements the ideas, themes, and concepts presented in our films. Currently, Art21 serves 4,000 educators and impacts nearly 250,000 students per year.  

Other ways to target your gift 

From digital access initiatives to compelling publications, and from our longstanding internship program to the maintenance of our film archive, your support plays a vital role in helping execute critical programs that make art accessible to diverse audiences worldwide.