Getting Started: An Introduction to Teaching with Contemporary Art

The resources in this section offer an orientation to visual art being produced today and a gateway for educators to explore some of the larger questions related to contemporary art. In anticipation of teaching with specific artists, themes, or lesson ideas, Art21 provides a rich multimedia experience to help navigate and construct new interpretations about art being made today.

  • Contemporary Art in Context

    Learn the definition of contemporary art, and how an inquiry-based approach can ignite discussion and debate in your classroom.

  • Contemporary Approaches to Teaching

    These five teaching strategies help students move beyond traditional notions of art to better grasp the concepts that drive contemporary art making.

  • Starting the Conversation

    Useful for students to consider before introducing contemporary art, these discussion questions encourage students to challenge their own preconceptions about art, art institutions, and the nature of creativity.

  • Using Art21 Resources in the Classroom

    Playing an Art21 film for your students introduces them to new notions of art. Here, you can learn about how to best integrate Art21’s educational resources, like discussion questions and hands-on activities, in your classroom.