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Professional Development

Art21 hosts professional developments in schools, school districts, colleges, museums, and community organizations, to help educators learn about the most effective ways of bringing Art21 media and contemporary art into the classroom.

Educators and other professionals interested in learning about contemporary art and strategies for teaching with the art and artists of our time are encouraged to contact Art21 about program options for their particular needs.

Different formats for programs include but are not limited to:

  • Small and large group presentations and lectures
  • Small and large group interactive workshops
  • School-based staff development
  • District-wide staff development
  • Combined workshops for teachers and students
  • Live online training for small and large groups

These programs offer participants an opportunity to learn more about contemporary art by incorporating a variety of the Art21 film segments, discussion activities, and even art making. Educators’ Guides and DVDs of the film series are available and can be built into the cost of presenting a program. Workshops can be scheduled for a series of days, a single day, or a half-day.

Recent workshop topics have included:

  • Online Lecture for the University of Florida (2015)
  • Teaching with Contemporary Art Workshop for the Farmington, CT, Public Schools (2015)
  • Keynote Address for the Pennsylvania Art Education, Association Annual Conference (2015)
  • Professional Development Workshop for the Harvard University Future of Learning Institute (2015)
  • Screening and Discussion at the Joan Mitchell Foundation, NY (2014)
  • Teaching with Contemporary Art Workshop at Kendall College of Art and Design (2013)
  • Professional Development Workshop at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (2013)

If you or your organization is interested in Art21 hosting a professional development event for the educators in your community, please email us at education [at] art21.org.