Jarred Alterman Cinematographer & Director

Jarred Alterman is an award winning cinematographer, known for his work in documentaries such as Bisbee 17′, Contemporary Color, The Proposal and Project X. He has worked closely with artists such as Charles Atlas, Mika Tajima, Jill Magid and recently Lawrence Abu Hamdan (he produced and lensed Abu Hamdan’s film Walled Unwalled, which won a Turner Prize.) He has worked in art, dance and music related projects for over twenty years, shooting films for Merce Cunningham Dance Company and Arcade Fire. His feature documentary, Convento, premiered at SXSW and has screened all over the world.

Select Art21 films

Alex Da Corte: 57 Varieties
Avery Singer’s Next Painting
Bryan Zanisnik’s Big Pivot