Established in the Netherlands in 2006, the design collective RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances, formerly known as Rietveld Landscape) consists of the brothers Ronald and Erik Rietveld and Arna Mačkić. With backgrounds in architecture, design, and philosophy, the members of RAAAF produce context-specific works that imagine potential ways of living.

For the project The End of Sitting, they designed a chair-free office space composed of modules of varying heights, depths, and configurations, in which people can sit in countless adjustable positions. Vacant NL consisted of a model of ten thousand vacant government buildings in the Netherlands, in a call to the government to make use of these unoccupied spaces. Taking inspiration from the US artist and architect Lebbeus Woods, RAAAF is interested in design freed from historical conventions and expectations.

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