Naudline Pierre

Naudline Pierre was born in 1989 in Leominster, MA, and currently lives and works in New York City, NY. The artist received her BFA from Andrews University and later her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Through painting and sculpture, Pierre crafts an alternate reality filled with burning landscapes and otherworldly creatures. Drawing inspiration from personal history, religious iconography, and medieval and Renaissance works of art, the artist reframes tradition through a more secular and personal lens, centering themes of community, transcendence, and transformation.

In her paintings, Pierre depicts a world beyond our earthly plane, where a diverse taxonomy of celestial beings gather and often aid a central, human-like figure in visual narratives of growth and discovery. The artist explains this central figure as “a main character, or a protagonist, who is growing and who shares a likeness to me, but isn’t me.” This “protagonist” appears across the artist’s work in different stages of her journey. At times, the figure is seen learning to harness the powers of fire and flight, like in Transfiguration (2023), while in other moments she is portrayed savoring the tender embrace of her community of celestial beings, like in I Dreamed of Love (2021-2022) or Give Me Freedom, Give Me Love Everlasting (2022). Fire is a prominent motif in the artist’s work, appearing in both painting and sculpture as a symbol of transformation, power, and warmth. In Pierre’s The Way Eternal (2023), black flames surround the protagonist’s outstretched arms, wing-like, as she soars through a cloud of disembodied heads and winged serpents.

Growing up in a religious family and studying the works of Medieval and Renaissance artists, Pierre is intimately familiar with religious iconography. Throughout her practice, the artist borrows from the devices and frameworks of worship, fostering spiritual meditation on the stories and images represented in her work. In her sculptural work, The Time Is Near (2023), three steel chairs formed from fiery shapes call to mind biblical infernos, while works like Transfiguration (2023) and Sensuous Supplication (2023) reference religious triptychs and altarpieces, calling upon the traditions of worship and contemplation. Despite the frequent use of religious imagery, the artist’s work is not meant to be understood as strictly religious or even spiritual. Through her work, Pierre creates a kind of portal into another reality, where both she and the viewer can find freedom and escape through stories of “flying and burning, and destroying and creating, and loving and hating and raging.” Through her connection to the characters that populate the world inside her work and the images and stories they portray, Pierre renders visions of a world where our power is found in change and community.

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“I make paintings, sculpture, works on paper that explore an alternate universe with celestial beings and other worldly creatures. And a main character or protagonist who is growing and shares a likeness to me—but isn’t me.”

Naudline Pierre