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Weekly Watchlist: Discover the Realms of the Unreal

Kiki Smith trusts her intuition

“Basically, I think art is just a way to think,” says Kiki Smith in our “Stories” episode. “It’s like standing in the wind and letting it pull you in whatever direction it wants to go.”

Adept in bronze, wax, textiles, and printmaking, Smith explores a diversity of narrative subjects including witches, saints, death, animals, family members, domestic objects, and dolls.

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Explore: Digital Media

IMAGE: Cao Fei In her Beijing studio, 2011. Production still from the Art21 Extended Play film, “Building “RMB City.” © Art21, Inc. 2011.

Build a virtual urban environment with Cao Fei, blend the digital and analog experiences with Rachel Rossin, and push paintings into new terrain with Avery Singer in our Digital Media collection.

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Virtual Teacher Workshop: Mindful Sewing

White fabric with green squares pinned across a grey couch. Slightly out of focus hands holding needle and thread in the foreground.

IMAGE: Production still from the Art21 Extended Play film, “Crafting Lineage: Tanya Aguiñiga.” © Art21, Inc. 2021.

Join Art21 for a virtual teacher workshop on Monday, June 6, 2022 at 6 p.m. ET.

Two alumni of Art21 Educators will lead a session dedicated to mindful “blind” sewing. The program will begin with a series of warm-up activities and then a final stitching session. No experience required!

The program is free and will take place via Zoom.

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