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Weekly Watchlist: Tanya Aguiñiga Locates Her Lineage

As with many artists, a pivotal moment in Tanya Aguiñiga’s life came when she had the opportunity to learn from the right teacher. In Aguiñiga’s case, her moment came while studying under artist and educator Wendy Maruyama. Until that point, Aguiñiga had a hard time feeling empowered to make work that spoke to her experience as someone who grew up in a working class family along the U.S.-Mexico border. But Maruyama gave Aguiñiga license to incorporate her identity into her art—and to address issues facing her community.

In today’s new film, Aguiñiga states that “art can offer different ways of getting to an answer.” “It can offer different possibilities,” she adds, “generative space.” When Aguiñiga first considered becoming an artist, though, she didn’t see those possibilities. Like many people, she viewed the art world as the hierarchical and exclusive realm that it quite often is. But with support from educators, peers, and her family, she found ways to create space for creativity in all aspects of her life.

Working on this film led me to reflect on the people who allowed me to find my place in a sometimes inaccessible art world. Perhaps hearing Tanya Aguiñiga’s story will cause you to consider your own experience and recognize the people who helped shape it.

Ian Forster
Producer and Co-Director, “Tanya Aguiñiga: Crafting Lineage
October 27, 2021

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