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Weekly Watchlist: Creating Comfort in a Liminal Space

Rachel Rossin operates between spaces

Our spring 2021 season concludes today with the last of four new films.

A self-taught programmer working in painting, installation, and digital media, Rachel Rossin explores the emotional potential of occupying a liminal space between virtual and physical.

Having created avatars out of character models extracted from video games, Rossin describes one of her creations—a half-woman, half-bird harpy—as a personal representation of simultaneously existing in two places.

“She speaks to a reality that most people feel,” says Rossin, “which is so much of our emotional and cognitive space, lived in virtual spaces.”

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Jacolby Satterwhite remixes worlds

Transporting characters between virtual and physical worlds, Jacolby Satterwhite crafts surreal 3D-rendered videos.

Adapting additional visual references—home movies, family photos, documentary footage, and images throughout art history—Satterwhite creates a unique personal mythology through stream-of-consciousness storytelling techniques.

“We’re in the age of the remix,” says the artist. “Now it’s just about how you use the information around you to generate your individuality.”

A talk for educators with Stephanie Syjuco

Join Art21 and Brooklyn Museum on Monday, May 10, at 6:30 p.m. ET for an education-focused artist talk with Stephanie Syjuco.

The artist will explore how contemporary art and arts education can support culturally inclusive, antiracist teaching. Presenters will also share strategies and resources to help students engage critically with themes presented by Syjuco.

The program is free and will take place via Zoom.

Register now.

Four new films devoted to artists motivated by feminisms

Clockwise from top-left: Loie Hollowell, Guan Xiao, Rachel Rossin, Lynn Hershman Leeson. © Art21, Inc. 2021.

Our spring season concludes today with the last of four new films premiering on Art21.org and our YouTube channel.

Four artists—Guan Xiao, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Loie Hollowell, and Rachel Rossin—complicate public and private, tradition and innovation, commanding transformative artworks in the face of social, generational, and individual adversities.

Watch all four films.

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