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Weekly Watchlist: Where Can Beauty Be Subversive?

Firelei Báez asserts the power of the female form

Our new season of film programming continues today with the third in a group of four new films.

Drawing upon the rich folklore and colonial history of the Caribbean, Firelei Báez paints dramatically shapeshifting figures that assert the power of the female form—challenging fundamental ideas around beauty and agency.

“In having bodies in constant transition, it leaves it open for the viewer to shift ideas of power,” says Báez. “In that process, you shift the world around you.”

“That’s where beauty can be subversive.”

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15 artists that capture the Black American experience

Glenn Ligon in his studio, Brooklyn, NY, 2011. Production still from the Art in the Twenty-First Century episode, “History.” © Art21, Inc. 2012

In capturing the contemporary Black American experience through their work and practice, artists have ensured that fundamental narratives of American history are represented in the art historical discourse as a record and guide for generations to come.

Whether bringing attention to important issues that news headlines omit, or celebrating the history and heroes that brought us to our present moment, the artists our Portraying the Black American Experience playlist expand and illuminate the conversations we have around bias, race, and representation.

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Four new stories of artists confronting global crises

Our first season of new programming for 2021 is in full swing, featuring films from our celebrated Extended Play and New York Close Up series.

Over the course of four consecutive Wednesdays at 12pm ET—continuing with today’s film featuring Firelei Báez—we’ll release each of our latest offerings on Art21.org and our YouTube channel.

Four artists—Firelei Báez, Abigail DeVille, Shaun Leonardo, and Michael Rakowitz—confront social, political, and institutional crises impacting cultures around the world, collectively capturing a portrait of contemporary history in the making, connecting personal and global experiences that play out across generations.

See the film guide.

Upcoming workshops for educators

Art and Health, taking place online on Tuesday, February 23 at 6:00 p.m. ET, is an intersectional workshop designed to explore contemporary works created in direct response to health disparities during this time of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the Movement for Black Lives. Registration is free, but space is limited.

Visit our education calendar for a list of upcoming workshops for educators.

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More than ever, online access to the lives and stories of artists is crucial, and Art21 is proud to share them with an ever-growing number of visitors including students, teachers, parents, and art enthusiasts alike from around the globe. If you are able at this time, please consider supporting the work of Art21. Every dollar makes a difference.