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Weekly Watchlist: How Does Culture Construct and Contain Us?

Carrie Mae Weems investigates spaces of domesticity

Carrie Mae Weems discusses the impetus for The Kitchen Table Series (1990), a photographic investigation of a single domestic space in which the artist staged scenes of “the battle around the family” between women and men, friends and lovers, parents and children.

“It started in a curious way as a response to my own sense of what needed to happen, what needed to be,” says Weems. “And what would not be simply a voice for African American women, but what would be a voice, more generally, for women.”

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Carrie Mae Weems

March 18, 2011

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Barbara Kruger spatializes ideas and commentary

Sharing her earliest influences and what led her to become an artist, Barbara Kruger reflects on her creative development, her working class roots, and the messages embedded in her work.

“I have never been able to consider gender or sexuality apart from class, and never thought of class apart from race,” says Kruger.

“Something to really think about is what makes us who we are in the world that we live in, and how culture constructs and contains us.”

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Barbara Kruger

January 24, 2018

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