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From the Executive Director: Feeling Inspired Right Now is a Necessity

Museums and galleries are gradually reopening across the globe, bringing a glimpse of optimism to all of us who are starved to be inspired by in-person art experiences again. Admittedly, the thought also introduces uncertainty and anxiety in many of us. Are we ready to venture back into the public realm?

Feeling inspired right now is a necessity; so we must persevere.

We’ve been quiet over here at Art21 about our future plans. And yet, we’ve been working on something of significant proportions that is keeping our minds and hearts busy: a new season of Art in the Twenty-First Century! Coming this September, we welcome a group of incredible artists from several corners of the world into the Art21 family.

Are you ready for a dose of art making and big ideas?

We won’t be making the big announcement for another several weeks. Until then, I can tell you this: get ready. We have something for you to look forward to. Travel with us around the globe, tune into a multiplicity of perspectives from some of today’s greatest artists, and indulge in the beautiful and enigma of contemporary art in poignant filmic storytelling.

Unlike years past, we will be slowly unfolding the stories that comprise this new season—stories that tell of family, home, belonging and not belonging, migration, the diasporic, and an overall responsiveness to our shared cultural concerns. In a moment when nothing feels right—and nothing normal—trust that we have got something special to share with you.

Until soon and with love.

Tina Kukielski
Executive Director and Chief Curator
July 22, 2020

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Leonardo Drew finds creative sustenance through experiences

Recalling his journeys around the world, Leonardo Drew reflects upon the importance of having moments outside of the studio in relationship to his own studio practice.

“Art is fed by experiences,” says Drew. “I want to take in as much as possible. I want to learn as much as possible. And I want to give back as much as possible.”

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Leonardo Drew

November 21, 2014

Playlist: Taking a Stand

Through forms of protest, the artists in this playlist challenge the status quo and give voice to a movement. From documentary photography illustrating the contradictions of American life to the theatrical retelling of world history, these artists create works that provide urgent points of reflection.

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More than ever, online access to the lives and stories of artists is crucial, and Art21 is proud to share them with welcome an ever-growing number of visitors including students, teachers, parents, and art enthusiasts alike from around the globe. If you are able at this time, please consider supporting the work of Art21. Every dollar makes a difference.