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Weekly Watchlist: Remembering Susan Rothenberg (1945–2020)

Yesterday morning, upon hearing the news of Susan Rothenberg‘s passing, we took a pause to remember the work and wisdom of one of the most incredible artists of our time. More than 15 years ago, we had the great fortune of filming the artist’s fierce approach to painting, as well as more serene moments in and around the grounds of her New Mexico ranch.

While Rothenberg’s segment from the third season of our Art in the Twenty-First Century series is widely revered amongst our viewers, the artist’s words from a 2010 Extended Play episode capture the magnificent passion that she poured into her practice:

“In the paintings where it’s there—the tenderness—I work for it. I’m not afraid of it. If I could put my bleeding fucking heart in there, I would.”

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Susan Rothenberg

March 26, 2010

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Staff picks for things to watch, read, and hear

Watch: Crip Camp

Crip Camp is a poignant and uplifting documentary about the activism around the disability rights movement, highlighting the importance of collective action when fighting for systemic change. The archival footage is tremendous but it’s the film’s thoughtful editing that really shines. The campers, some of which have trouble speaking, are given ample time to let their individual voices be heard.

Shared by Ian Forster, Producer; Now streaming on Netflix (with subscription)

Watch: Better Things

I recently discovered Better Things on Hulu and binged all four seasons. It’s a really wonderful show written by and starring Pamela Adlon, hitting on single motherhood, work, and being in a close-knit family full of women. It focuses on the everyday mundane elements of life, infused with humor and a deep appreciation for the minor but ultimately fulfilling moments that make up our days.

Shared by Lauren Barnett, Director of Development; Now streaming on Hulu (with subscription)

Listen: Ambient soundtracks

I’m finding I really need some ambient noise to motivate me and keep me focused while I’m working at home, especially with tasks like writing. Rainy Cafe was my go-to white noise background for reading back when I was in graduate school, and I always come back to Tycho’s Dive album as a writing soundtrack.

Shared by Danielle Brock, Assistant Curator; Dive is now available on your streaming platform of choice

#Art21GreatestHits—Carrie Mae Weems: “Grace Notes: Reflections for Now”

Selected by Art21 producer, Ian Forster, the latest #Art21GreatestHits staff pick is an episode from our Extended Play series featuring Carrie Mae Weems‘s performance, “Grace Notes: Reflections for Now”—staged in 2016 at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, as a way to honor the nine churchgoers who were killed one year earlier at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

“The news surrounding Ahmaud Arbery’s recent murder in Georgia led me to revisit this episode,” says Ian. “What I always loved about this film was how it shows Carrie and her cast of singers, dancers, and poets truly care for one another as they perform the difficult task of bearing witness to appalling crimes while also commemorating the victims.”

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Carrie Mae Weems

August 9, 2016

Read more about this week’s #Art21GreatestHits pick on Instagram.

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