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Weekly Watchlist: Twelve Artists Who Engage with Environmental Concerns

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Playlist: The World Is Yours

12 videos; 1 hour and 25 minutes

In this playlist, artists engage with environmental concerns to uncover opportunities to see the world through a new lens. From tracking natural phenomena to evaluating the impact of personal consumption, these artists position their work as jumping off points to reflect on our entanglement in these networks and society at large.

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Watchlist: 15 Documentaries That Get Inside an Artist’s Head

Recently, New York Times writer Will Heinrich compiled a binge-friendly list of essential artist documentaries. The selection of films spans several decades—including the 1973 classic, “Painters Painting,” and the recent portrait of painter Carmen Herrera, “The 100 Years Show.”

We were also very honored to be given a mention in the piece’s postscript—to be included amongst so many projects that we admire.

So what are we watching this week? As many films from this list as we can get our hands on!

See the full list.

#Art21GreatestHits: Ellen Gallagher in “Play”

We’ve been inviting our staff to share some of their favorite moments from the vast library of Art21 films. This week’s pick—Ellen Gallagher working on a print from “DeLuxe” (2004–05) in our “Play” episode—comes from our Director of Digital, Jonathan Munar.

“This was one of my earliest Art21 memories, way back from the Netflix-on-DVD days,” says Jonathan. “We get to watch her go from etching a printing plate with a tattoo machine, to laser cutting the paper, to painstakingly peeling off bits of paper, to glueing crystals to the surface. All over the course of three minutes.”

Read more about this week’s #Art21GreatestHits pick on Instagram.

Distance learning tips from Art21 Educators

Shannah Burton, an elementary school art teacher from St. Louis, Missouri, gives open-ended creative challenges to her students once a week. The digital series is called Art with Ohren, named after her adorable dog. She began the series by explaining to students, “I have always wanted to bring my dog to school with me…. And now I can!”

The first challenge focused on pets:

Draw your pet…or plant, sibling, stuffed animal, or imaginary creature.

Who is getting extra love while you are at home?

While prompts don’t always have a pet theme, Ohren serves as a guiding mascot for creativity and joy. Artists featured so far include Ai Weiwei and Gabriel Orozco.

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